What’s Strathclyde Police’s Game ? #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 10 of 84 Nov 14th 2011

As you all know by now I’m in favour of sticking to Celtic songs at games but we’ll put that to one side just now.

The news that a senior Strathclyde Police officer Eddie Smith approached UEFA delegates and made a complaint about what he classed as illicit chants at the Celtic Rennes game raises a few questions about the Polices motives.

As far as I’m aware the club were not notified at any time by the Police that this action had been taken. Why was this? I would have thought the club would have been the first people to be informed.

Another question is was this the first ever football match this particular Plod ever visited? I take it he was off duty during the league cup final and other Glasgow derbies over the past few seasons.

And finally (for now). How far up the chain of command and I’m including the SNP Government was it known that Smith would be carrying out this strange course of action?

Strathclyde Police do not enjoy the best of relationships with the Celtic support so unless they come out and explain how and why this unprecedented action was taken the relationship will only deteriorate.

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