TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade #tcnfacfiles

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November 24, 2012
Today is a sad day in our supports history. Regrettably the Green Brigade have been forced into making a stand against their treatment by Strathclyde Police and also to some extent the heavy handed stewarding in side Celtic Park in section 111.

Although this boycott of two matches is as I have said is regrettable it is also sadly necessary as the group have went out of their way over the past year or so to have meaningful dialogue with both Strathclyde Police and Celtic Football Club to reach a sensible approach to Policing and stewarding within and around Celtic Park in respect of section 111 and members of the Green Brigade in particular. I have it on authority that these agreements have constantly been breached by Strathclyde Police at every game. Therefore The Celtic Network fully support and sympathises with the decision the group have come to.

I have witnessed at first hand the heavy handed tactics of Strathclyde Police most at Hampden Park and more notably after the Celtic V Hibs game at Celtic park on the day of the first F.A.C demonstration which could have ended with people innocent people injured due to the Police ‘attack’ on members of the GB ans section 111 in general. No one could get out the area because the Police and stewards had blocked the exit. That was irresponsible on the Part of the Police as there was absolutely no need for it. I could give several other accounts but I’d be here all day. It’s may be best you read the Green Brigade Statement on TCN HERE for more injustices.

We would ask as suggested yesterday by the Celtic Trust that all fans stand up at the twelfth minute of the game in support of the 12th man. The Green Brigade and send out a message of support to the group and a message to the Police and Celtic that we will not tolerate any of our fans been treated as criminals.

Wullie Broon TCN.

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