It Has Nothing To Do With Celtic FC

People who know this site understand that it does not confine its self to purely Celtic matters. One of the main reasons for this sites existence is to challenge media lies and bias. This is why I believe that the video below has a place on this site.

The film highlights BBC lies and propaganda in the run up to Scotland’s independence referendum on 18th of September 2014. It also demonstrates that the entire Scottish mainstream media can also not be trusted to tell the truth about a raft of important issues facing the country.

As football supporters from the majority of Scottish clubs we already know that the SMSM have been spreading lies and misinformation, especially since 2012. As that is the case then the content of this film will not come as any great surprise.

If you can please find the time to watch this even if it’s only for 20 mins each time. The main thing is to watch the whole film.

If you agree with it then please share it and tell the BBC to stick their license fee where the sun don’t shine.

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