Cultural Genocide In Scotland

Never a truer  word has been spoken. Remember after the 45 ? Those waving the butchers apron went to town. Kilts banned, Bagpipes banned, the Gaelic language all most wiped out.

Then the Highland clearances, burning people out of their homes to make way for sheep. Forcing people off their fertile lands to huddle by the sea to eek out a living or seek a new life in America. All in the name of the Apron.

Meanwhile as the butchers apron extended it’s genocidal colonisation of the world the first thing on the agenda was to ‘civilize the savages’.

There is a huge difference between Cultural Genocide and people being fed up with a right wing ignorant white underclass who take it upon themselves to try and destroy a multicultural society.

The day’s of ‘ra peepil’ are over. Scotland is growing up, we accept each other and help one another when we can.

So the Vanguard Bears can furiously bang away on there commodore pc’s all they want. The Jig is up. They are the dying embers of hatred, fascism and bigotry.

To be fair they are worth a good laugh !

Hated But Laughed At

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