The Bhoys Of The Hard Hat Brigade

Good Morning Tims, hope yer all in good spirit.

I’ve noticed via social media that there are calls for Celtic fans attending the Hogmanay Glasgow derby match to don hard hats. I understand why, it’s a piss take due to continued speculation that Ibrox is in a dilapidated state.

Alas , I don’t think it’s funny or appropriate. If there are serious structural problems pertaining to supporting roof connectors then this is not funny in the least. People could die if a catastrophic failure occurs during the game. I’m sure that no Celtic fan wants to witness that.

Surely there are plenty of other ways we can ‘rip the piss’ out of the Ibrox support ? Rather than wearing hard hats to the game it is more important that we put pressure on Celtic and the relevant authorities to investigate whether the stadium is actually safe enough to hold 50,000 supporters ?

If Celtic do not get satisfactory and detailed proof to allay safety concerns then they should return all tickets.

After the Ibrox disaster, the Bradford fire and Hillsborough the health, safety and well being of ALL supporters must be paramount. Simply wearing a hard hat to gloat over your opponents doesn’t cut it for me. Especially is supporters are in danger.

Hail, Hail

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