The Vanguard Haters

Hot on the heels of yesterdays piffle Cultural Genocide in Scotland, they have surpassed themselves.

Don’t bother reading it, I’ll sum up the main points

  • They hate Irish accents on the bbc
  • they hate Chris Sutton
  • they hate Tom English
  • they hate the Scottish media (had to laugh at that)
  • the continue to crow about a paedophile once employed at Celtic

These people are absolute white underclass trash.

On reading it there are grounds for Celtic fc and others to drag them to court. In my opinion Celtic FC should rise above this. They should simply do what any sane person would do and laugh at them.

I’ll leave you with one final though. For people who constantly bang on about child abuse, have you ever seen any of their sites raising money or doing anything to help survivors ?

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Hated But Laughed At

2 thoughts on “The Vanguard Haters”

  1. As a fervent Celtic supporter and past Season ticket holder, now living in Australia . . .and an active ATHEIST. I truly wish Celtic, and in particular, Celtic supporters would avoid the dreary Catholic v Protestant idiom. By all means pummel them as hard as possible for their bigotry, but please don’t respond with bigotry in return. As an Atheist, I find both religious corners equally ridiculous and cannot dissimilate any difference whatsoever between the two sky fairy ideologies. By all means, practice your voodoo, as much as you wish, but please, separate it from our glorious Celtic team as much as you possibly can.

    1. Can you point out where in this article I have ” responded with bigotry in return” ? I’m genuinely interested.

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