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'Bonnie Scotland' – 100% Halal Blog

‘Bonnie Scotland an invisible Banner for the free World’.   A  banner, a simple reading/spelling mistake pointed to a closer look at Scotland. It morphed in the cold light of day, when one removed all the banter and jiggery pokery and one up-man-ship into a blatant attempt to fuel division, racial and religious difference.    It gave a glimpse […]

Will the Match Commander report RFC fans for sectarian singing ?

This should be interesting. Celtic fans were reported earlier on in the season for Political/illicit chanting so we watch with interest to the Police reaction to RFC supporters singing sectarian songs and chants. This was reported today in the Independent. The movement of people towards the stadium contained a subdued pride. It was the first […]

Motherwell the "Family Club" ?

A sad reflection of anti Catholic Scotland. We were alerted to this video last night by a fellow Celtic fan. While most of the attention of the media is on Celtic and Rangers supporters  sectarianism and bigotry is rife among many other supports and communities in Scotland. The truth is that the majority of this bigotry in […]