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Newco Rangers still condoning religious intollerance

Well,well what would you know? Roman Catholic players at Newco Rangers are not allowed to bless themselves. This news is brought to us by the same rag who are today running Celtic fans into the ground. This rag does not choose to be outraged or even question the suppression of religious freedom,nor does it ask […]

‘Still Acting In Support of Our Dark-Ages’

I write this article by way of reply to something of a thought provoking, discussion piece by Alex Thomson of C4 News and thereafter an article written and posted on this very on this site by oor very own JasCam, http://www.thecelticnetwork.com/2012/10/27/the-hatred-and-thrats-of-rfc-pondlife/. Without further a-do, here goes! It says something quite appalling about a sizeable section of society, never mind a football clubs active […]

'It's Not Me, It's You…It's Complicated!!'

  It has become something of a cliché, but “it’s a funny old game” has rarely been more accurate a statement. Celtic resisted all temptation to deliver a dose of verbal reality to both the Scottish mainstream media and to Sevco in the wake of another pantomime performance, nae a circus clown show by Mr Charles […]

"a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace"

Well it never took long for the ‘new’ Rangers to disgrace themselves. One match against Brechin City was enough to introduce a club in the lower divisions to sectarian songs and banners regarding paedophilia something the ‘new’ Rangers seem to feel is worth making fun out of. Charles Greens remarks about bigotry were both ill […]

Friday's Daily Bigot – A nice one to end the week

The Celtic Network has been inundated this week with requests to name and shame bigots therefore what the Cybertims want the Cybertims get. To tell the truth we could have easily posted around 20 blogs this week relating to these vile lowlifes from the other side of the Clyde but we’ve just picked a few […]