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Death to Taxes

By Graham Wilson. Beyond the Waves. After the final whistle this past Sunday, and the scoreline was revealed, the first image I had in my mind was a scene of a laughing Peter Lawwell, after he made a joke at the expense of Them. He said, “well last night we had a 29 million offer […]

Celtic Fans Media. So far ahead of the game.

The Celtic Network was created to give Celtic fans a credible alternative to mainstream media and after the first two months we’re delighted to announce that we are starting to deliver. We have already had 50,809 unique visitors with roughly 8,000 of those visitors leaving the site to visit our partner sites. Most sites would moan about […]

New Additions to TCN site

Following on from the user survey we ran over the past few weeks we have decided to carry out a couple of changes immediately to enhance your user activity on TCN. We have introduced two new sections: TCN User Feedback to allow our users to give us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve user […]

You can't silence the truth anymore

The attempt to silence free speech by “Rangers Stakeholders” has backfired in spectacular fashion. The attempt to “gag” Phil Mac Giolla Bhain by these so-called “stakeholders” has only served to highlight the desperate lengths that these people will go to try and silence the truth about the dire straits that RFC find themselves in. These people […]