Scott Brown – Get this sorted ASAP!

This season has been challenging enough so the last thing we need is a Pantomime going on behind the scenes. Especially when it involves not just a senior player but the club captain.
The will he won’t he saga involving Scott Brown, his agent and Celtic has now become a tedious affair to many. From what we have been told the stumbling block appears to be who pay’s the agent’s or as I see them vampire’s fee.

Fans Against Criminalisation – The petition

We have followed the lead of other sites and added the Celtic Fans Against Criminalisation petition app to our site. No only will it be available on the front page of this site but we will also add it to every blog post we make until the petition closes.
We are asking everyone who visits TCN to consider signing the petition as we feel that this is a seminal moment not just in Scottish football but in Scottish society in general. Whether you believe it or not the fact is that this ill thought out legislation if it comes into force will impact on you and every other football supporter in Scotland.

Will the real Celtic please stand up ?

I never thought that a game against Aberdeen this early in the season would be critical but this one is. The past two games have offered us some hope in terms of the fact that the team fought their way back into the games.
Lets be honest how many of us actually thought that the team could come back from 3 – 0 down well into the second half of last weeks game? But we done it and more importantly we came back from a self inflicted wound in Europe as well.