Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

Supporting your team is not a crime

Today the Green Brigade staged a silent protest against the criminalisation of football supporters and in particular the constant harassment of fans in and around area 111. Unfortunately I had to miss the game today but had I been there I would have backed the Green Brigade to the hilt.

GB Statement posted by HuddleHound http://yfrog.com/mniw6lbj
While there is a need for the implementation of the thretening communications part of this proposed bill the “Offensive behaviour” part of the bill is ill thought out and practically unenforceable. This section of the proposed act is nothing more than the blanket criminalisation of football supporters.

Book Review – Celtic Quiz book on Kindle

The Hoops Quiz Book: 1,500 Questions on Glasgow Celtic Football Club

I was made aware of this book which has just been released as an e-book for Kindle. Whether your a user of Kindle or prefer a hard copy this is an excellent book for testing you and your fellow hoops on all things Celtic. The book has a good forward from Lisbon Lion Jim Craig and is stuffed with 1,500 questions on Celtic history.
I’m already hinting to the wife and weans that it would be a great book for “someone’s” birthday 🙂