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It’s Healthy To Ask Questions

Questions are good, they are essential in the development of the human condition and a free society. Everyone has the right to question anything without fear or prejudice. You might not like some questions, you also may not like the person asking them but no one should be belittled or chastised for asking questions. Yesterday’s […]


I simply can not fcuking believe it.  My life seems full to overflowing with flabergastation (now there IS an Americanism if you ever saw one) of late.  A month or so ago we had the conclusion of the commission held under the “impartial” auspices of the “honourable”, for one must not judge lest he become […]

no further action over ‘unacceptable conduct’ ?

So just what was the ‘unacceptable conduct’ that day? I was at the game and the demo and march before hand and the only  ‘unacceptable conduct’ I and other supporters witnessed was from Strathclyde Police officers diving in to section 111 near the end of the game.

A Future Model For Celtic ? – More fan control.

I wanted to draw the attention to our readers and the wider Celtic support to an article written by Dr Jim Hamill a social media expert whose work I follow and respect which was publish last week on the www.energise2-0.com blog. The article looks at new methods of funding, running and supporting a football club. It […]