Celtic release a strong statement on sectarian offences #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 12 of 84 Nov 18th 2011

TCN Welcomes Celtic FC’s Statement

As follows

Celtic Football Club Statement

By: Newsroom Staff on 18 Nov, 2011 13:58

FOLLOWING the release today of figures by the Scottish Government relating to charges under Section 74 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 2003 for the year 2010-2011, Celtic Football Club have released the following statement.

“Celtic Football Club welcomes the Crime and Justice report issued today. However, for clarity it is important to explain these figures and place these in context.

”It is noted that Celtic Park is mentioned as being the location for 47 charges. Fourteen of these offences relate to Celtic supporters, with 33 relating to supporters of visiting teams. (figs. provided by the Information Sharing Protocol  with Strathclyde Police).

”To again put this in context, during that period approximately one million Celtic supporters visited the stadium, and approximately 35,000 supporters of away teams have attended Celtic Park.

”It is important also to stress that the 14 Celtic supporters involved have all been banned from Celtic Park.

“The vast majority of religiously-aggravated crime does not take place in or around football stadia, with 90 offences reported at stadia out of a total of 693 offences.

”The claim that 231 offences are ‘football-related’ also needs further analysis. The majority of ´football-related´ offences take place away from football stadia .

”In addition, more than 60 per cent of the total number of offences are alcohol-related. It is clear, therefore, that this also re-enforces Celtic´s long-held view that sectarianism and religious prejudice are societal issues and cannot be laid predominantly at the door of football.

”Clearly, as a club open to all since its formation in 1888, Celtic will continue to work strenuously against all forms of bigotry and religious prejudice.

“While the vast majority of offences at Celtic Park have been committed by visiting supporters, it is important that our own support understands that any form of sectarian behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Celtic´s traditions of tolerance, diversity and openness are something we hold very dear and are fundamental to the Club´s ethos.”

Published on Celtic FC Web Site http://www.celticfc.net/newsstory?item=1765

So 14 Celtic Fans arrested from approx 1 million in attendance and 33 from approx 35,000 “away” supporters? This tells it’s own story. Time for the politicians, Police and media to back off from us and concentrate on the real culprits. We all know who they are.

TCN FAC Files No 2 of 84 September 2011 #tcnfacfiles

Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

Supporting your team is not a crime

Today the Green Brigade staged a silent protest against the criminalisation of football supporters and in particular the constant harassment of fans in and around area 111. Unfortunately I had to miss the game today but had I been there I would have backed the Green Brigade to the hilt.

While there is a need for the implementation of the threatening communications part of this proposed bill the “Offensive behaviour” part of the bill is ill thought out and practically unenforceable. This section of the proposed act is nothing more than the blanket criminalisation of football supporters.

Racism and sectarianism runs through our society it does not begin and end with football fans. This is nothing more than a diversion tactic invented by the Police and politicians to cover their own failures.

For years these people stood back and let supporters of Glasgow’s other club belt out racist and sectarian songs. Rather than tackle them under existing legislation they willingly let them away with it. Now to cover their ineptitude they want to bring in this shambles of a bill.

As pointed out by the Green Brigade our songs are neither sectarian or racist therefore it beggars they would want to pursue the Celtic support.

The Green Brigade bring an unique atmosphere to Celtic park and away grounds. They are not law breakers, they are simply fans who want to support our team and therefore in return the deserved to be backed by the rest of the support. No section of our support should be subjected to ill treatment or harassment from stewards and the Police and if this is the case then the rest of us have to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Green Brigade letter.

Noo, Away And Find Yer Real Rivals

Shaky start to the game but Celtic only had to step up on gear to win. The Current score for this season is Celtic 8 – The Rangers 2 with a points difference of 19pts.

From pre season and throughout the season we’ve been told that our main rivals are The Rangers. Naw they urny ! Our only rivals are ourselves.

So it’s time that The Rangers and the laptop loyal started to concentrate on their real rivals. Teams at roughly the same level like Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone.

For as long as they keep trying to compete with Celtic on and off the pitch it just makes them look stupid.

As for Celtic it’s onwards and upwards. A wee couple of weeks in the sun and a couple of good signings. Then it’s simply time to get the SPFL finished and start preparations for the Champions League. If we pick up the Scottish cup on the way then all the better. 🙂

Hail, Hail and a Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

Wullie Please remember and follow @TCNGC17

Ibrox ? Might As Well Be Fir Park

We have a home tie against Ross County tomorrow night, personally I think County are a decent outfit.

Once that is over with, regardless of the result we have an away game on Saturday. The opponents are the football club formerly  known As Rangers. I have no extra worries  about this game as I would have playing away from home at any SPFL game.

I’m 52 now so I can remember that in the run up to playing Rangers at any ground was always exciting and I’d be a bag of nerves for days. All that has gone now.

Since the introduction of ‘The Rangers’ I’ve never sweated over any match in which we have played them.

  1. First time we played them at Hampden I knew we would beat them. Simply we had better players.
  2. The second time we played them in a semi final I did have some worries. Although we still had better players I knew our dressing room had lost faith in the manager. I was concerned that we would not play with the intensity required to beat any one. Even at that they could only win on pens.
  3. The first SPFL match up ever between the teams I was chilled out. I knew we were too good for them and that we had a manager capable of making tactical and personnel changes when needed.
  4. The last game at Hampden, again no worries, in fact I’d go as far to say that we dominated that game even more than the 5 -1 game.

So as you might have guessed by now I don’t actually have any fear of not winning at Ibrox.

The Old Firm died in 2012 along with Rangers FC. The team we will face on Saturday are not anywhere near the threat that RFC posed us. Celtic’s biggest threat comes from within, If we don’t approach any match with professionalism and hard work then we will struggle against other SPFL sides.

The Bhoys Of The Hard Hat Brigade

Good Morning Tims, hope yer all in good spirit.

I’ve noticed via social media that there are calls for Celtic fans attending the Hogmanay Glasgow derby match to don hard hats. I understand why, it’s a piss take due to continued speculation that Ibrox is in a dilapidated state.

Alas , I don’t think it’s funny or appropriate. If there are serious structural problems pertaining to supporting roof connectors then this is not funny in the least. People could die if a catastrophic failure occurs during the game. I’m sure that no Celtic fan wants to witness that.

Surely there are plenty of other ways we can ‘rip the piss’ out of the Ibrox support ? Rather than wearing hard hats to the game it is more important that we put pressure on Celtic and the relevant authorities to investigate whether the stadium is actually safe enough to hold 50,000 supporters ?

If Celtic do not get satisfactory and detailed proof to allay safety concerns then they should return all tickets.

After the Ibrox disaster, the Bradford fire and Hillsborough the health, safety and well being of ALL supporters must be paramount. Simply wearing a hard hat to gloat over your opponents doesn’t cut it for me. Especially is supporters are in danger.

Hail, Hail

UEFA – FIFA And The MSM On Trial

As long as UEFA/FIFA allow teams from countries who have a worse human rights record than Apartheid S. Africa into their competitions, then they have no moral authority over the actions of football supporters, anywhere.

Here’s what the Hootsmon has to say. I’m sure oppressed people around the globe will be cheered by the Hootsmons’ priority in their reporting.



5 – 2 🙂


John Hartson Foundation Life Logo

EX-CELTIC striker John Hartson is calling on Hoops fans to ‘Grab Life by the Balls’ and join him on his BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge to raise vital funds for people with cancer and their families.

The Hoops hero recently handed over £25,000 to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation at the Glasgow hospital’s Schiehallion ward on behalf of his own charity, The John Hartson Foundation, set up following his battle with testicular cancer which spread to his lungs and brain and left him fighting for life.

The 38-year-old, now assistant manager to the Welsh FA, said: “Yorkhill Children’s Foundation provides fantastic support at a time when families need it most. I have four kids of my own and the thought of your child being diagnosed with cancer is devastating for any parent.

“Yorkhill Children’s Foundation is a cause very close to my heart and we’re delighted that we’ve been able to hand over this cheque today thanks to the help of our supporters who pull out all the stops to raise vital funds for the Foundation.

“Our next big fundraiser is the BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge in July when we hope to raise more funds with the help of our supporters.

“We want YOU to join us for this fun-filled weekend in Fort William. Standing at the top of Ben Nevis feels like you’re on top of the world – and you’ll be raising vital funds to help us carry on the charity’s work.

“Please take up the challenge – it’s an amazing experience you’ll never forget. Don’t miss out – time is running out so sign up now.”

Shona Cardle, Chief Executive at Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, said: “We are extremely grateful to The John Hartson Foundation for donating this incredibly generous amount to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

“With the money received we will be able to continue to support sick children from all over Scotland and beyond who are treated at Yorkhill.”

John’s BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge weekend takes place from Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14.

The fun-filled weekend in Fort William includes two nights’ accommodation, meals, and fully guided walk up Ben Nevis followed by a celebration party on the Saturday night. Places are limited so don’t miss out – sign up NOW at www.johnhartsonfoundation.co.uk or contact or Lorna King on 07795 008836 or by email at lorna@johnhartsonfoundation.co.uk

The John Hartson Foundation is an official TCN Good Cause. Please help in anyway you can.

Come On Celtic !

celtic champions

Celtic are now just 90 minutes away from winning the SPL for the second time in a row. The players just have to give their all for 90 minutes today to achieve this.

One thing they should get into their heads today is that the fans deserve to leave Celtic Park today celebrating 2 in a row for the incredible backing they have given the team. They also owe it to themselves and the manager.

The support have had to put up with a lot of negative attention from the Police and our own board this season so they deserve this day to be a day of celebration.

Neil Lennon will have to sit in the stand today because of a shocking decision by the SFA to punish him for uttering the word fanny. So the best way to get back at the Fannies at the SFA is for the players to go out there  bury ICT and secure the title.

Come on Celtic one last big push.


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Joy. A Grandstand End to the Season

It’s good to write about happy things. There has been so much negative stuff surrounding the club and Scottish football in general recently that it’s a great relief to write about all things positive for a change.

So firstly congratulations to Neil Lennon and the bhoys for winning us a grandstand end to the season with a Scottish Cup final place. Knowing that our season is meaningful right to the last game of this football season is a great buzz. Ok so Sunday was not straight forward but we were playing a good football team and we won so that will do for me. 🙂

Now we can look forward to a party at the weekend knowing that we might have another couple of party days. I expect us to wrap up the title at the weekend Party 1. Then we have the trophy presentation in a couple of weeks Party 2 and hopefully party 3 if we win the Scottish cup. 🙂

So despite the unfortunate distractions this season has thrown up I’m sure we’ll all look back on it as a great season. Making the last 16 in the Champions league, playing in 1 domestic final winning the SPL again and a possible double is a great achievement that reinforces our domestic superiority and enhances our reputation throughout the world.

So it’s happy days for the Tims and cheerio to sevco /

Mon The Hoops !

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No Hampden Curse

Sunday’s match against Dundee Utd should be a cracker. The game is set up to be a great advert for Scottish football providing Celtic match Dundee Utd for effort.

There’s been a lot of nonsense talked in various quarters about a ‘Hampden curse’ or ‘hoodoo’. Lets nail this here and now. There is no curse nor hoodoo there is simply unacceptable levels of performance.

All our poor results at Hampden since Lennon took over are down to the players not putting in the energy that the opposition have. It’s all down to hard work and by beating Barcelona and running them close we have proved that when we put a shift in we can beat almost any team in the world. The problem has been that we are not taking that same professional approach into important domestic fixtures.

Now we’re not daft, we all knew the SPL was effectively over by Christmas and so did the players. Now that’s no excuse to take the foot off the gas but it is understandable that in SPL games many players have took their eye off the ball. However there is no excuse for lower levels of performance in knock out cup ties.

On Sunday we have to raise our game to not only match Dundee Utd but out fight and out play them. If we do that we will win and probably comfortably. If not we’ll be beaten.

Hail, Hail


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The Last Pearl Diver – By Paul Larkin. Review

The Last Pearl Diver
The Last Pearl Diver

It’s always a buzz when Paul Larkin’s latest book arrives. Just like the latest books main character Sidney Dempsey it’s just like Giro day when it hits the loabby door mat.

Paul’s latest offering ‘The Last Pearl Diver’ is the fictional tale of Sidney Dempsey a young Celtic supporter finding his feet in life mainly in Edinburgh around 1993/94. His world revolves around the Saturday Giro and Celtic FC. Sid’s story is interspersed with text from a fictional Celtic Boardroom in turmoil which adds great interest to a great tale.

The story opens up wi a trip to the broo for Sid and his Da who schools him on broo etiquette and Sid’s decision to take up writing to a stranger in the form of Ferris a lad from the USA. It covers the joy of getting your Giro on a Saturday and the angst of worrying about it not turning up and having to wait till Monday. A feeling many of us remember.

Once again in this book the use of the Edinburgh dialect is excellent and really helps draw you into Sidney’s world. A good and poignant section of the book is all about Sid meeting Honey a lovely looking lassie fae Glasgow’s West End in an Edinburgh record shop. Now that might sound a bit lame the auld boy meets girl stuff but the way that story evolves and the introduction of ‘Honey’s big arse’ Finley the uber supremacist hun and the consequences for Sidney’s sanity adds a lot of weight to Sid’s story. I’m sure many a reader will be able to the consequences of falling in love.  True to its time the tale even has a mention of Telewest the cable channel, Gazelles and Scott Nisbett’s fluke of a goal against Brugge. You know the one, the greatest goal that was never meant which turned him into a God in the eyes of the Scottish media.

Some of the stuff in the book surrounding being a Celtic fan then sadly seems relevant now between shenanigan’s going on in the boardroom, a disconnection between the board and supporters and a dodgy media.

Later on in the book we catch up with a grown up Sidney now based in New York and a brief jaunt into an American road trip. There is also a section on a romp in Amsterdam. The book ends with some prose from the Green and White bard Lorenzo Wordsmith with a tribute to the Bunnet. Mr Fergus McCann father of the modern Celtic.

Whether you’re a mad mental bam fae Glesga or a barry radge gadgie fae Auld Reekie you’ll connect with young Sidney Dempsey and have a great time doing it.

The book is so engaging that you’ll have it read before you realise it. I highly recommend it.

James Cameron

You can buy the book online here

You can follow Paul on Twitter @paullarkin74 and Lorenzo Wordsmith at @LWordsmith 

FAC Issue Action Plan

Fans Against CriminalisationFAC is an independent umbrella group comprising the Green Brigade, Celtic Trust, Celtic Supporters Association, Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs and Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs, representing thousands of Celtic fans. Continue reading “FAC Issue Action Plan”

Copy of Email sent to CFC & FAC

Sent to fansagainstcriminalisation@gmail.com and operations@celticfc.co.uk

Sir’s, I would like to draw your attention to the incident which took place in the Gallowgate area of Glasgow on Saturday 16th of March 2013 between 12.50pm and 2.10pm where my wife and myself witnessed what can only be described as over the top Police tactics perpetrated against a peaceful group of Celtic fans and some members of the general public. Continue reading “Copy of Email sent to CFC & FAC”

Fans Unity Required

police baton charge celtic fans
Is this Scotland or China ?

As the ripples from Saturday’s attack on civil liberties start to spread across the globe with several major media outlets now taking an interest we Celtic fans now have a window of opportunity to demand change in Police tactics and the full repeal of the first part of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill. We also have a right to demand that those running our club give us their full support and backing. Continue reading “Fans Unity Required”

Peaceful Fans Attacked and Harassed

Police State Scotland

Well done to Alex Salmond you got your way and gave your Police force the powers to carry out state condoned thuggery on peaceful protesters. Today my wife ,myself , hundreds of fans and the general public seen the state’s boot boys in all their fascist glory.

How many times have you heard ‘everything was fine till the Police turned up’ ? Well that’s exactly what happened today. What should have been a peaceful march to Celtic Park from the Gollowgate was turned into a brutal assault on freedom of expression and legitimate non violent protest.

People were ‘kettled’, obstructed, harassed and assaulted by Strathclyde police some of whom were brought in from Ayrshire (wonder why?).

The most disgusting thing that happened was a guy with a very young kid who was no part of the fans group was told he would be arrested and his child given to social workers for simply walking down a street. I met the guy and he was as white as a sheet and his toddler was screaming. Keep People Safe ? Orwell would be impressed with that bit of double speak.

I’m still very angry. I’m also willing to swear under oath that I did not see one Celtic fan acting in an aggressive manner. The Police on the other hand did.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.