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Hold Back Your Season Ticket Money ?

Season ticket renewal time is approaching, that time of year when many teams breath a sigh of relief with the thought of a cash injection. However is  it time for all supporters to hold back their season ticket money till we get assurance that Scottish football is clean ? We seen the SFA circle the […]

Obsessed – The New Paranoid

Obsessed – The New Paranoid I don’t partake in the SMSM but courtesy of social media I’m picking up news that the latest line from that disgraced body is the Celtic fans are ‘obsessed’ with Rangers/Sevco. So it appears that obsessed is the new stick to beat us with now that ‘paranoid’ has left the building. […]

Lies, damned Lies and Corruption.

Let me set out my position straight from the start. Any form of league construction will hardly have any impact on Celtic if any. The same could also be said for Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts and Hibernian as over the piece these clubs are mostly with the exception of a couple of seasons always present at the […]


A recent post by JasCam, “Time To Leave Rangers Tax Case To Them”, highlighted the growing fury, and I am convinced this is not too strong a word, at the decisions reached by Scottish Football‘s governing bodies over the long drawn out saga of Rangers administration and its various  consequences.  Combined with the investigation into […]

Internet Bampots – The modern version of "Paranoid Tims"

Calling right minded people “Internet bampots” is the language of fear, it’s also the modern day equivalent the old ‘PARANOIA’ slur. The type of people throwing this accusation around are the same type of people who used the old ‘paranoid’ slur.  Lazy out of step journalists or as we now call them ‘churnalists’. These are the type […]


I must say I’m really enjoying watching Rangers* (in administration) unravel but I am also seriously concerned at the scale of corruption that may have taken place over the past 20 years. The SFA are conducting an enquiry into  Rangers* (in administration) headed by Lord Nimmo Smith however I would really love to know the scope of that […]