Celtic release a strong statement on sectarian offences #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 12 of 84 Nov 18th 2011

TCN Welcomes Celtic FC’s Statement

As follows

Celtic Football Club Statement

By: Newsroom Staff on 18 Nov, 2011 13:58

FOLLOWING the release today of figures by the Scottish Government relating to charges under Section 74 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 2003 for the year 2010-2011, Celtic Football Club have released the following statement.

“Celtic Football Club welcomes the Crime and Justice report issued today. However, for clarity it is important to explain these figures and place these in context.

”It is noted that Celtic Park is mentioned as being the location for 47 charges. Fourteen of these offences relate to Celtic supporters, with 33 relating to supporters of visiting teams. (figs. provided by the Information Sharing Protocol  with Strathclyde Police).

”To again put this in context, during that period approximately one million Celtic supporters visited the stadium, and approximately 35,000 supporters of away teams have attended Celtic Park.

”It is important also to stress that the 14 Celtic supporters involved have all been banned from Celtic Park.

“The vast majority of religiously-aggravated crime does not take place in or around football stadia, with 90 offences reported at stadia out of a total of 693 offences.

”The claim that 231 offences are ‘football-related’ also needs further analysis. The majority of ´football-related´ offences take place away from football stadia .

”In addition, more than 60 per cent of the total number of offences are alcohol-related. It is clear, therefore, that this also re-enforces Celtic´s long-held view that sectarianism and religious prejudice are societal issues and cannot be laid predominantly at the door of football.

”Clearly, as a club open to all since its formation in 1888, Celtic will continue to work strenuously against all forms of bigotry and religious prejudice.

“While the vast majority of offences at Celtic Park have been committed by visiting supporters, it is important that our own support understands that any form of sectarian behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Celtic´s traditions of tolerance, diversity and openness are something we hold very dear and are fundamental to the Club´s ethos.”

Published on Celtic FC Web Site http://www.celticfc.net/newsstory?item=1765

So 14 Celtic Fans arrested from approx 1 million in attendance and 33 from approx 35,000 “away” supporters? This tells it’s own story. Time for the politicians, Police and media to back off from us and concentrate on the real culprits. We all know who they are.

FAC.Legal Defence Fund launched #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 11 of 84 Nov 17th 2011

Published on Wednesday 16th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Many of you will be aware of the case of the young boy from Section 111 who was held in prison from Friday of last week till late last night when he was released, on the orders of the Lord Advocate, from Polmont Prison.  All this for the terrible crime of singing a song at a football match two weeks previously.  This case highlights the fear that many of us have around both the introduction of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill and the zealous nature of the policing of football in the run-up to it.

Many of us are clear that if we cannot defeat this Bill then we will need to be ready to defend Celtic fans on a case by case basis and some of the existing supporters’ organisations have committed themselves to this.  However, there have been a number of calls for a Defence Fund to be set up and this has now been done.

The FAC Legal Defence Fund has now been launched.  A bank account is being set up which will have as its main signatories Alex Mosson, the former Lord Provost of Glasgow and a member of the Board of the Celtic Trust; John Andrews, the President of the Celtic Supporters’ Association and Alan Horne, the President of the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs.  In the meantime, you will be able donate via Paypal on those sites belonging to the member organisations of FAC who have this facility ie the Celtic Trust, the CSA, the Affiliation, the Irish Association and the Green Brigade.

If you are donating to the Fund in this way, please remember to indicate that the donation is for the FAC LDF.  If you forget to do this on Paypal then a simple email with the details to the relevant organisation should suffice.

The Celtic Trust paypal button can be found at the bottom of the home page and is marked Donate.


Big Day on and off the park #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 7 of 84 Oct 29th 2011

Celtic fans have a big day ahead. Firstly there is the Fans Against Criminalisation demo in George square at 12.30pm then it’s on to Celtic park to support the team against Hibs in the SPL.

A good turn out at the demo and a win at Celtic park should make this a day to remember.

TCN will be attending both events and we will publish a small report on the demo with pictures later today as well as the usual match images.

Hail Hail and Kill The Bill

TCN FAC Files No 2 of 84 September 2011 #tcnfacfiles

Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

Supporting your team is not a crime

Today the Green Brigade staged a silent protest against the criminalisation of football supporters and in particular the constant harassment of fans in and around area 111. Unfortunately I had to miss the game today but had I been there I would have backed the Green Brigade to the hilt.

While there is a need for the implementation of the threatening communications part of this proposed bill the “Offensive behaviour” part of the bill is ill thought out and practically unenforceable. This section of the proposed act is nothing more than the blanket criminalisation of football supporters.

Racism and sectarianism runs through our society it does not begin and end with football fans. This is nothing more than a diversion tactic invented by the Police and politicians to cover their own failures.

For years these people stood back and let supporters of Glasgow’s other club belt out racist and sectarian songs. Rather than tackle them under existing legislation they willingly let them away with it. Now to cover their ineptitude they want to bring in this shambles of a bill.

As pointed out by the Green Brigade our songs are neither sectarian or racist therefore it beggars they would want to pursue the Celtic support.

The Green Brigade bring an unique atmosphere to Celtic park and away grounds. They are not law breakers, they are simply fans who want to support our team and therefore in return the deserved to be backed by the rest of the support. No section of our support should be subjected to ill treatment or harassment from stewards and the Police and if this is the case then the rest of us have to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Green Brigade letter.

TCN FAC Files No 1 of 84 August 2011 #tcnfacfiles

As we get closer to the repeal of this human rights busting act we want to remind and educate people on the impact this act has had on ordinary football fans lifes and explain why this act was never needed. We ask that you share these articles. to reinforce the effort to have this act repealed. Thank you.

We don’t need no legislation

Is the proposed legislation needed ?

5th August 2011.

The proposed Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill has caused great concerns to be raised by not only Celtic fans but fans of many clubs.

The Scottish Government and others are adamant that they need to bring in these laws to combat sectarianism, bigotry and online hate campaigns. However it is felt by many that we already have the laws in place to deal with these crimes already.

On Wednesday a person appeared on petition at Stirling Sheriff Court in relation to the creating of websites which carried sectarian hate messages about Celtic manager Neil Lennon.

The charges brought were:

  1. Breach of the Peace
  2. Breach of the Peace with religious aggravation
  3. Breach of Section38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2002

We should highlight that in accordance with the law this person is presumed as innocent until proven guilty of these charges. However this example serves to show that current legislation can deal with the problems we face.

These charges suggest to me and many others that we do have sufficient laws in place to bring someone before a court and therefore there is absolutely no need for this ill thought out legislation to proceed to law.

In support of this I would ask you to read this article on a freedom of information request lodged by a legal professional http://scotslaw.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/offensive-and-threatening-behaviour-and-the-anti-sectarian-bill/

It appears to support the idea that there is in fact no need for any new laws or powers for the Police.

It has been clear to many of us that the only reason this situation has came about is down to the fact that the Police and politicians in this country have turned a deaf ear to the mass sectarian and racist singing coming from Rangers supporters which has grown to disgusting proportions over the past ten years.

Instead of enforcing the existing laws the Police and also the SFA and SPL have stood by and done nothing. The only people to have done anything to tackle this disgusting behaviour are UEFA who it must be noted are not based in Scotland.

The proposed Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill will not do anything to stamp out sectarianism or racism in this country it will simply introduce blanket criminalisation of football fans.

What will help stamp out Sectarianism and racism is for the Police to do their job right within the existing legal framework. We as a society can also help by educating young people that this type of stuff is simply wrong and has no place in modern multicultural Scotland.

We ask all fans regardless of which team you support who believe that this legislation is flawed and unnecessary to contact their MSP and ask them to vote against this proposition becoming law.

You can find your local MSP here:


Please give us your views regardless of whether you are for or against this.

Originally published by The Celtic Network August 5th 2011.

Axe The Act – Contact Your MSP

New email campaign launched today

As we write the draft Stage 1 report from the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament is being prepared.  This report which summarises the evidence provided  in relation to the Repeal of the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 will be presented to Parliament and voted on before 26 January 2018.  That vote will complete Stage 1 of the legislative process.  Stage 2 relates to any amendments and Stage 3 is the final vote on the Bill itself.

Continue reading “Axe The Act – Contact Your MSP”

Guilty ! A Film by FAC

Guilty: The Story of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act

Guilty: The Story of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act from Green Brigade on Vimeo.

Celtic Underground – OBFA Wasting Lives & Money

faclogoJust want to highlight a very informative podcast from Celtic Underground on the impact of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act on peoples lives and the public purse. Continue reading “Celtic Underground – OBFA Wasting Lives & Money”



On Monday 3rd October there will be a FAC Open/Public Meeting in St Anne’s Primary School in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow G40 2RA at 7.30pm.  Fans of all clubs and non-football fans are welcome as this is an issue which affects us all.The purpose of the meeting is to bring people up to date with the campaign to have the Offensive Behaviour Act repealed and also to highlight some recent and disturbing actions by the Police Service of Scotland against FAC activists. Continue reading “FAC PUBLIC MEETING”

FAC activist targeted by police


Things have taken a cynical turn and it would appear that Police Scotland will go to extrodonary lengths to hold on to their ‘budget boost’ from the Scottish government. Continue reading “FAC activist targeted by police”

Police officers in perjury probe. FAC, Gallowgate

Delighted to see that two police officers are now being investigated for perjury relating to one of the cases concerned with the Kettling and harassment Celtic fans suffered on the Gallowgate in March 2013.
Continue reading “Police officers in perjury probe. FAC, Gallowgate”

Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?

Hail, Hail, just a short one. I was sent this link to a judgement in appeal over case of Celtic fans being charged/convicted of singing Roll of Honour. Regardless of your personal opinion on whether this song is offensive or should be sung at football games, the main point of contention here is contained in Section 8 of the judgement. Continue reading “Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?”

Sir Stephen House’s Letter – My Rebuttal part 1.

Hail, Hail. This is my personal opinions and rebuttal of Sir Stephen House’s letter to Jackie Baillie MSP as published on this site on Sunday. I want to make it clear that these are my thoughts and recollections of what actually happened on that day. Therefore I am not speaking for The Celtic Network or Fans Against Criminalisation. Continue reading “Sir Stephen House’s Letter – My Rebuttal part 1.”

FAC – Early Return For TCN

Hail, Hail !

I was originally planning to re open the main Celtic Network site on January the 2nd. However due to some info I have received regarding the events of Saturday 16th of March 2013 in the Gallowgate, Glasgow ‘The Gallowgate Tea Party’ the site will reopen on the evening of December 4rth 2014. Continue reading “FAC – Early Return For TCN”

A final report on the visit by FAC to Holyrood via Celtic Trust

Published on Tuesday 30th April, 2013 by Celtic TrustFans Against Criminalisation

John gives his extended reflections on the discussions of that day

Continue reading “A final report on the visit by FAC to Holyrood via Celtic Trust”

Help FAC – Contact Alex Salmond

The Celtic Trust have been doing a wonderful job for FAC and the Celtic fans in general by providing a simple email set up which helps you easily contact you MSP’s and the ‘Gang of Four’ namely Alex Salmond,Kenny MacAskill,Roseanna Cunningham,Christine Grahame. Continue reading “Help FAC – Contact Alex Salmond”

Celtic Board Should Hang Their Heads in Shame

Yesterday Celtic fans along with some other supporters stood shoulder to shoulder in Glasgow’s George Square. We all stood there to show our resistance and defiance against the worst piece of legislation passed outside North Korea.

The people who turned out were a credit to their clubs and fellow supporters. Jeanette Findley’s  speech was simply inspiring. She hit every target with the accuracy of a top sniper.

One thing was missing though. With the vast majority of supporters there being Celtic supporters once again our board could not bring themselves to offer any support for the fans who are the lifeblood of our club. For all their social media outlets including the web site and Celtic TV this board could not even offer one word of support to our fans who are being criminalised and the rest of us who stand beside them.

Peter Lawwell and his board have done a magnificent job in turning the club into a stand alone business. There is no doubt about that and they should be given praise for their efforts. However somewhere along the line they have shown a total disrespect for the Celtic support. Parallels are now being drawn with the old board in as much as there is now once again a breakdown in communication and trust between the life blood of the club and it’s current custodians. This is really unfortunate and it is something that needs to be sorted out ASAP.

What’s the point of having a well run business when you have a dwindling and disenfranchised client base Peter ? That does not make a sustainable business model Peter.


Hail, Hail

Police Scotland Uncooperative over FAC March

This is basically outrageous and proves that Police Scotland have no time for peaceful Celtic Fans.Fans Against Criminalisation

From the Celtic Trust Website


FAC statement re Rally

Published on Friday 5th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust Continue reading “Police Scotland Uncooperative over FAC March”

FAC Demo more important than Sevco

The latest revelations from the pantomime of the century is most enjoyable and really quite funny however tomorrows FAC Demo is what

FAC public demo 06-04-2013
Stand Up For Your Rights

we really should be concentrating on.

It’s vitally important for that as many supporters as possible turn out at George Square tomorrow. Not everyone uses social media so please take the time to call or text your friends and family and let them know about the demo. Continue reading “FAC Demo more important than Sevco”

FAC Demo Doomed To Fail

FAC public demo 06-04-2013
Stand Up For Your Rights

Saturday’s Fans Against Criminalisation demo to be held in George Square, Glasgow at 12.00 noon is doomed to fail and nothing will change.

However that is only if fans do not bother to turn up. It is vitally important that as many supporters as possible make it to the square for 12.00 on Saturday. Many supporters have a bit of travelling to do in order to attend Celtic games but it would be great if these fellow supporters could leave home a bit earlier if at all possible to help fill the square.

If we can get 10,000 + in the square that would send out a clear message that the current harassment of football fans must end and the Offensive behavior at football part of the Bill must be repealed. The other benefit of a large turnout would be to ensure the demo makes the national UK mainstream news shows. We know we will be well represented on the web by our bloggers etc but making the national news would be a great bonus and help heap more pressure on the Scottish government to scrap this useless and undemocratic piece of legislation.

So please if you can make it come and stand with your fellow supporters and help bring an end to the harassment of football supporters.

Thank You

PS. Sorry about the tabloid type headline we just want to catch as many fans attention as possible 🙂