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‘The Ship Called DIGNITY’

Indulge my whimsical notions for a ten or so short minutes, lend me your eyes, your mind and your time…come with me on a journey…nae, a voyage…a voyage of discovery! Still with me?! Ok, if your seated comfortably and if your safely aboard the vessel, we shall set sail for a bygone age, for a journey through time…please […]

'Instead Of A Successful English Combo…We Got The Chuckle Brothers!'

Curious to hear Sevco CEO Charles Green today talking about ‘agreements in principle’ and ‘no outstanding issues’ with either the SFA or the SFL, just minor procedural matters, he’d have us believe. That is not to say he is not correct or just in saying that, it’s just that he is quite specific that he has […]

'Duty-Free Pot Calling Duty-Free Kettle…'

You know that old saying “That’s the pot calling the kettle black”? To be honest its not a favourite of mine, frankly it’s one which I rarely ever use on account of it’s idiocy. Anyway rather than me explain its meaning to you bhoys and ghirls, I’ve left it to Wikipedia to be so insulting of your intelligence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pot_calling_the_kettle_black […]

Looks Like It’s No To Newco

After Hearts declaring that they would be voting against the entry of Servco to the SPL Dundee Utd last night last night confirmed that after yesterday a meeting with supporters they too will be voting against Servco joining the SPL. United released the following statement last night : “Following what was a robust and constructive […]