TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade #tcnfacfiles

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November 24, 2012
Today is a sad day in our supports history. Regrettably the Green Brigade have been forced into making a stand against their treatment by Strathclyde Police and also to some extent the heavy handed stewarding in side Celtic Park in section 111.

Although this boycott of two matches is as I have said is regrettable it is also sadly necessary as the group have went out of their way over the past year or so to have meaningful dialogue with both Strathclyde Police and Celtic Football Club to reach a sensible approach to Policing and stewarding within and around Celtic Park in respect of section 111 and members of the Green Brigade in particular. I have it on authority that these agreements have constantly been breached by Strathclyde Police at every game. Therefore The Celtic Network fully support and sympathises with the decision the group have come to. Continue reading “TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade #tcnfacfiles”

Green Brigade Police Harrassment Statement #tcnfacfiles

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Last year was somewhat unique. It will rightly be remembered as the year our great rivals died. Yet what seemed to almost slip under the radar amidst the hilarity at Ibrox was the continued harassment of the Green Brigade, and the Celtic fans in general by Strathclyde Police both before and after the SNP legislation was scribbled. We have remained relatively quiet on this issue up until now, but it has got us nowhere and the harassment has continued; in fact it has worsened.

Most Celtic fans heard about the unprecedented case of the 17 year old Celtic fan remanded in custody at HM Polmont Young Offenders Instituiton for an alleged breach of the peace. The fall-out and the protests of other Celtic fans led to that thankfully being overturned before too much damage was done to a young boy.

However, there are numerous other cases that haven’t been made public and so the Police have escaped criticism and been allowed to arrest and charge who they want, when they want. These include three of our members arrested by CID (two at home, one at work) after holding a banner reading ‘Huns FC’. Their case lasted the best part of two years before finally a ‘Not proven’ verdict was delivered.

The cost of that case will have been astronomical. Clearly unhappy at this, the Police arrested one of the above AGAIN, this time for alleged sectarian singing. This never even made the courtroom, after the CCTV was shown outside the court, showing him clearly singing ‘Up the Celts’ much to the embarrassment of the officers who turned up as Prosecution witnesses.
After the highly-successful ‘Fans Against Criminalisation’ demo at George Square, Celtic played Hibs in a bore 0-0 draw.

The game will be remembered by many though, after the Police unnecessarily waded into 111 looking to make arrests for reasons unknown. On the concourse after the game, they successfully arrested one of our members, accusing him of abusing their officers. Again, this was nothing but a blatant lie and led to another court case with THREE different trial dates.

A Not Guilty verdict was returned when the case was finally heard.
A month or so later, and we had another member in court. This time his alleged crime was for ‘assault and resisting arrest’ at a Semi-final at Hampden. Again though, he was found not guilty. We have some other court cases pending as we speak, but we are confident these will go the same way as every other one so far. However, they are still obviously causing massive inconvenience and are having a huge effect on people’s livelihoods.

These charges have all led to our members missing matches watching and supporting the team they love. Celtic had banned every one of them while the cases were on-going. Indeed, the club do all they can to facilitate the Police and have offered no help whatsoever to their own support. After the match in Udine in December, Celtic banned a handful of supporters after flares were lit before kick off. One of these fans was a female season book holder in 111 whom, rather bizarrely, was watching the match from the comfort of her own living room! Thankfully, this was overturned eventually after it was pointed out to Celtic security that they had quite clearly made a rather embarrassing yet damaging mistake.

The level of surveillance applied to section 111 and the Green Brigade specifically verges on the surreal and is an astronomical waste of tax payers’ money. 90 minute surveillance clearly isn’t sufficient though as we learn from being filmed when approaching and leaving stadiums. A small band of Strathclyde Police following our members around Europe attempting to make their trips abroad uncomfortable also now appears to be common practice. Perhaps the hardest one for us to take is being filmed when inside Celtic Park hours early setting up for a display. Further from Celtic officials obviously accommodating such procedures they now believe it to be acceptable to hand over personal details of our members. Private information such as mobile phone numbers, names and addresses have been swapping hands without consent, even in instances where there is no alleged crime to answer for. Sadly, for us at least, this type of behaviour isn’t wholly surprising from Celtic officials – whether it is being sanctioned by Chief Executive Peter Lawwell who privately described our songs as ‘cancerous’ or Head of Security Ronnie Hawthorn who willingly will ban dedicated Celtic supporters offering them no chance of a defence against their alleged breach.

In recent weeks there has been a noticeable upsurge from Strathclyde Police in targeting the Celtic support. Up until now they have tried and failed to secure convictions for singing Irish Republican songs, attempting to concoct all manner of charges desperate to find one that will stick. Under their new ‘Anti-Football Legislation’ they are now targeting the Roll of Honour with a number of fans being arrested and charged with ‘offensive behaviour’ and even ‘Racial BOTP’ for singing this song. The most recent arrest being one of our members who was arrested while leaving Celtic Park at the Kilmarnock fixture and who has only just been released after being handed a weekend in the cells. Co-coincidentally, or ironically even, the accused just happens to be someone who has already been through the charade of a football charge with all the accompanying delights and he came away victorious. You’d excuse his paranoia for thinking he was being targeted and tested here.

Perhaps quite unbelievable to some it is not just at or around matches where we get such unwarranted attention. A few months ago one of our members applied for a licence to become a taxi driver. Normally, this would be a straight-forward procedure for a young man with nothing but a minor Breach of the Peace charge from his teenage years. Not quite. He received a letter explaining that his application had been rejected on the grounds that he’s not a ‘fit and proper person’ – an accusation based solely on his connections to the Green Brigade. This had come from the Chief Constable. Thankfully, after appeal, the licence was granted in the end but with no thanks to Strathclyde Police.

The above is just some of the instances of police harassment in the last 10-12 months. Not only is it causing innocent football fans great stress and hitting them badly in the pocket, it’s also costing the taxpayer a fortune. For too long, we have sat back and let them do as they please but it has to stop, and we hope that the coming weeks and months will eventually see a change in their approach and we can get back to supporting our team without fear of arrest at home or away. We believe we sacrifice an awful lot as individuals and as a group in what we do. We dedicate our time and money for our passion of supporting Celtic in our style and we have always attempted to maintain an amicable working relationship with Celtic employees for the benefit of both parties – even when in dispute over certain issues. However we will not tolerate the level of harassment we continue to face nor Celtic PLC’s compliant attitude.

TCN FAC Files No 2 of 84 September 2011 #tcnfacfiles

Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

Supporting your team is not a crime

Today the Green Brigade staged a silent protest against the criminalisation of football supporters and in particular the constant harassment of fans in and around area 111. Unfortunately I had to miss the game today but had I been there I would have backed the Green Brigade to the hilt.

While there is a need for the implementation of the threatening communications part of this proposed bill the “Offensive behaviour” part of the bill is ill thought out and practically unenforceable. This section of the proposed act is nothing more than the blanket criminalisation of football supporters.

Racism and sectarianism runs through our society it does not begin and end with football fans. This is nothing more than a diversion tactic invented by the Police and politicians to cover their own failures.

For years these people stood back and let supporters of Glasgow’s other club belt out racist and sectarian songs. Rather than tackle them under existing legislation they willingly let them away with it. Now to cover their ineptitude they want to bring in this shambles of a bill.

As pointed out by the Green Brigade our songs are neither sectarian or racist therefore it beggars they would want to pursue the Celtic support.

The Green Brigade bring an unique atmosphere to Celtic park and away grounds. They are not law breakers, they are simply fans who want to support our team and therefore in return the deserved to be backed by the rest of the support. No section of our support should be subjected to ill treatment or harassment from stewards and the Police and if this is the case then the rest of us have to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Green Brigade letter.

Green Brigade’s Big Mistake.


Myself and this site have always and will always support the Green Brigade but I won’t blindly ignore their self inflicted mistakes.

I’m not going to bang on here about blow up dolls in other parts of the stadium, tasteless as they might be or idiots smashing up toilets. What really pissed me off last Saturday was one banner. “Know your place Hun Scum”.

Now I don’t have a problem with “Know your place Huns” despite the protestations of idiots the word Hun is neither sectarian nor racist unless you are slagging off a nomadic tribe that once roamed modern day Kazakhstan. My problem is the use of the word Scum. The inclusion of that word in the banner left both the Green Brigade and the Celtic support wide open to attack.

We all know the press in Scotland is heavily influenced by Level 5 pr and that they will take any opportunity to have a go at Celtic and our support. With that said I’d love to know what the fuck was going through the minds of the people who thought that banner was a good idea ? I condemn that banner not because it was bad PR but because it is highly offensive to call people scum no matter how nasty and vindictive their actions are. When you go down to their level then you have not only lost the argument but any moral high ground you may think you occupy.

The press and others in this country are more than happy to report anything negative emanating from our club or support. We all know they don’t go out their way to praise all the good work done by the club and especially the Green Brigade in the community. The SMSM will lie and twist events just to create damaging non stories that hog the news cycle for days.

I don’t have a problem with political demos in football grounds, in fact I encourage it. I would just like to ask the Green Brigade and the residents of the North Curve to think very carefully about what is written on banners in the future. Let’s not leave anymore open goals for our enemies to exploit HH.

Let’s have more of this.

The Banned Bhoys by STV – FAC

TWIT BADGE.fwBig thanks to Peter Adam Smith for putting this together.

This film was put together by STV, It’s a mixture of interviews with FAC and GB members. Some of it filmed in the CSC and also following us on our visit to the Scottish Parliament. Continue reading “The Banned Bhoys by STV – FAC”

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ?

Les Gray, who recently retired as chairman of the Scottish Police Federation was on BBC Newsnight Scotland spinning like a spider on Speed. Quite frankly Mr Gray came across as a petty minded man churning out the party line with no real substance to his rent a gob statements.

Below we will debunk some of Mr Gray’s fantasy remarks with cold hard honest facts. Continue reading “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ?”

Green Brigade Corteo For The Banned

green brigade badge
TCN Supports the Green Brigade

Tomorrow TCN will be joining the Green Brigade corteo in support of fans who are currently banned and those facing ongoing harassment

The corteo will congregate and leave from the car-park on Watson St between the Chrystal Bell pub and the Coronation Chip shop at 1 pm. Please assemble in an orderly manner from 12.30pm.

We would like to invite users and members of TCN to join us in a peaceful and dignified march to the stadium. It would be nice to put a face to an avatar 🙂 .

Hail, Hail