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The Story is There if You dig.

The Celtic Network would like to congratulate Alex Thompson of Chanel 4 News and the BBC Scotland’s Mark Daly and his team on the awards they picked up at the prestigious Royal Television Society. Mark Daly fronted “The Men Who Sold the Jersey’s” an investigative documentary into the now dead Rangers Football Club’s use of EBT’s and side letters. The program […]

Internet Bampots – The modern version of "Paranoid Tims"

Calling right minded people “Internet bampots” is the language of fear, it’s also the modern day equivalent the old ‘PARANOIA’ slur. The type of people throwing this accusation around are the same type of people who used the old ‘paranoid’ slur.  Lazy out of step journalists or as we now call them ‘churnalists’. These are the type […]