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THE END OF THE ROAD – by Pensionerbhoy

There must be many today who feel we have reached the end of the road with regard to the behaviour of football fans.  For quite some time now there have been ongoing controversies surrounding Celtic supporters, the singing of “patriotic” songs and the display of distasteful or inappropriate banners.  The Green Brigade has been the […]

Laptop Loyal in Terminal Decline

It’s nor often TCN pay’s any attention to the Laptop Loyal or MSN in general but today is a day for celebration as latest figures published show a sharp decline in sales as people turn away from old media and the general rubbish served up as ‘news’. Latest figures from December 2011 – December 2012. […]

In defence of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Free Speech

I’ll start off with saying that I personally think it was a gross misjudgement by Phil’s publishing company in picking the vile Sun to serialise his book. Maybe they never understood the power of Ra Peepil in being able to censor the truth.There is no way I would have bought that rag to read the […]

New website to expose liars and cheats in MSN and Scottish football

  A new web site has emerged to help fill the void left by the Rangers Tax Case. It’s called the Scottish Football Monitor . I’m sure many like my self welcome such a blog which will shine a light on the murky world of  Scotland’s main stream media or the Laptop Loyal as they are […]

More Embarrassment for the Lamb Eaters

Channel 4’s Alex Thomson tonight exposed more credible evidence relating to Rangers* EBT in 10 minutes than the Laptop loyal have in almost two years and that includes you Mr Tom English. I know you read our bampottery 😉 He provided documented evidence in the form of written exchanges between Martin Bain, John McClelland  and […]

Disgusting Anti Lennon Campaign starts again.

Right on cue the Laptop Loyal have started their annual Anti Lennon campaign. Once again the attacks have come from the usual sources with the usual pot stirring headlines. ‘Prove you said SFA then Neil’ – The Sun and ‘Neil Lennon’s lack of self-control does Celtic no favours’ from the Scotsman are just two on […]

Internet Bampots – The modern version of "Paranoid Tims"

Calling right minded people “Internet bampots” is the language of fear, it’s also the modern day equivalent the old ‘PARANOIA’ slur. The type of people throwing this accusation around are the same type of people who used the old ‘paranoid’ slur.  Lazy out of step journalists or as we now call them ‘churnalists’. These are the type […]

Neil Lennon's had enough of the Laptop Loyal

Neil Lennon spoke out today in a pre-match interview on BBC Radio Scotland in which he explained the reason for cancelling the Friday pre-match press conference. After weeks of snide attacks and basic lies in both the printed press and on radio phone ins Lennon has come out fighting. He even went as far as naming […]