Green Brigade’s Big Mistake.


Myself and this site have always and will always support the Green Brigade but I won’t blindly ignore their self inflicted mistakes.

I’m not going to bang on here about blow up dolls in other parts of the stadium, tasteless as they might be or idiots smashing up toilets. What really pissed me off last Saturday was one banner. “Know your place Hun Scum”.

Now I don’t have a problem with “Know your place Huns” despite the protestations of idiots the word Hun is neither sectarian nor racist unless you are slagging off a nomadic tribe that once roamed modern day Kazakhstan. My problem is the use of the word Scum. The inclusion of that word in the banner left both the Green Brigade and the Celtic support wide open to attack.

We all know the press in Scotland is heavily influenced by Level 5 pr and that they will take any opportunity to have a go at Celtic and our support. With that said I’d love to know what the fuck was going through the minds of the people who thought that banner was a good idea ? I condemn that banner not because it was bad PR but because it is highly offensive to call people scum no matter how nasty and vindictive their actions are. When you go down to their level then you have not only lost the argument but any moral high ground you may think you occupy.

The press and others in this country are more than happy to report anything negative emanating from our club or support. We all know they don’t go out their way to praise all the good work done by the club and especially the Green Brigade in the community. The SMSM will lie and twist events just to create damaging non stories that hog the news cycle for days.

I don’t have a problem with political demos in football grounds, in fact I encourage it. I would just like to ask the Green Brigade and the residents of the North Curve to think very carefully about what is written on banners in the future. Let’s not leave anymore open goals for our enemies to exploit HH.

Let’s have more of this.