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The Asterisk Years – Book Review

The Asterisk Years – Book Review The Edinburgh Establishment V Celtic. by Paul Larkin. Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive! – Sir Walter Scott I could not resist starting this review by quoting Sir Walter Scott, a leading light in the Scottish Enlightenment and more than likely a […]

The Last Pearl Diver – By Paul Larkin. Review

It’s always a buzz when Paul Larkin’s latest book arrives. Just like the latest books main character Sidney Dempsey it’s just like Giro day when it hits the loabby door mat. Paul’s latest offering ‘The Last Pearl Diver’ is the fictional tale of Sidney Dempsey a young Celtic supporter finding his feet in life mainly […]

Albert,Dougie and Wim by Paul Larkin. Book Review

Paul’s latest release combines three previous books From Albert With Love, Dougie, Dougie and Wims Tims with a glimpse of the next one to come. If you have the these three it’s well worth buying this ltd edition which gives us not only an extra 20,000 words but a glimpse of how the books were […]

Future Book Launch – Paul Larkin

Here we go again then. Another night for the Internet Bampots. With thanks to the wonderful @iceltic for the poster. I should say about the book, it’s a limited edition, 100 copies only, with profits going to http://www.samh.org.uk/ The book contains From Albert, With Love, Dougie Dougie and Wim’s Tims. It also has a brand […]

What a Champion Weekend

Well where do I start ? Friday night I was determined to remain sober and just sit back and enjoy Over and Over but by 5.00 the nerves started to kick in and I surrendered myself to a bottle of medicinal wine and bottles of Cider thinking that would knock me out and I’d get a sleep. How […]

On holiday with Paul Larkin

Just spent a couple of days away stoatin’ aboot the West Highlands with my wife and Paul Larkin the green and white writer. Well that’s a bit of a lie because Paul wasn’t physically with us but he was in spirit through his upcoming book Poles N’ Goals And Hesselink. Recently Paul had kindly sent […]

Poles ‘N’ Goals and Hesselink. Forthcoming book by Paul Larkin

Thanks to James and The Celtic Network for the platform to plug my stuff. This book, entitled Poles ‘N’ Goals and Hesselink and is out on April 6th via www.lulu.com,  is basically a tribute people that have been real friends to me in my life. You’ll see that in it should you chose to purchase it. It […]

Wim's Tims-The best thing to hit Scottish Football in 10 years.

Thanks to the Celtic Network and James in particular for giving me the opportunity to plug my book Wim’s Tims-The best thing to hit Scottish Football in 10 years. If Love Street 86 was our JFK moment, Celtic Park 98 was our VE Day. The period before we won the league, as in the last nine […]