Lies, Damned Lies and Scottish Churnalists

Yesterday, after it was proved that Rangers FC (IL) cheated the taxman and Scottish football I pondered on how the Scottish Hack Pack would spin this.

Was it going to be a case of them taking the opotunity to start a fresh and call a spade a spade ? Or would they revert to type and publish shite ?

Unsuprisingly they chose the latter.

One of the best examples came from M. Grant of the prestigious ‘London’ Times who declared that EBT’s were legal at the time RFC (IL) used them. We had ‘STV’ Grant  a schil of the highest order telling us ‘nothing will happen to Rangers’ and of course wee BBC Chris telling us there was ‘no appetite at Hampden’ for another investigation.

Added to this a new phrase was added to the lexicon of deniers ‘the company that previously owned the club’. So far, so predictable.

Rangers Tax Case this morning tweeted “I once hoped that exposing Rangers’ tax scandal would purge the corruption and selective ignorance from SMSM. Forlorn hope.” It seem it was a forlorn hope for all of us.

Can I call once again on all Scottish football fans to boycott the churnalists and their media outlets ?
It’s really pretty straight forward all you have to do is stop following these liars and their publications. Block and mute.

Ask yourself this. What value do these hacks add to conversations or the truth?

There are plenty of alternative places to get your news untainted, there is a whole new media for fans run by fans.

If you keep feeding liars don’t be surprised if they continue to lie.

All the best. #HH


First blog in ages. Finally after years of bampotery we have finally been vindicated at the highest court in the land.

The truth is RANGERS FC (IL) WERE TAX CHEATS. Not only did they cheat HMRC but in doing that they also CHEATED EVERY SCOTTISH FOOTBALL FAN WHO PAID INTO A GAME over nearly 10 seasons.

A big shout out to the following who amongst others, raised their head above the parapet:

  • Rangers Tax Case
  • Paul McConville (RIP)
  • Phil Mac Giolla Bhain
  • Paul Larkin
  • The Scottish Football Monitor
  • CQN
  • Everyone who followed and supported TCN.

We did it, against the odds and a biased cowering media.

Now it is up to ALL Scottish football clubs to Sack Regan, Doncaster and others involved in this attempted subversion of our game.

Most Importantly #STRIPTHETITLES.