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Rangers/RFC 2012 (in liquidation) “Big Tax Case” verdict in layman’s terms, as I understand it.

Rangers lodged an appeal to dispute a claim from HMRC that they had failed to declare and pay tax on earnings paid to players, directors and other employers via EBT’s. RFC claimed that these payments were not part of a remuneration package (earnings for services rendered) but were in fact loans. Now by definition, a […]

‘Four Outrageously Misguided, Menacing & Defamatory Charges…Now Publish A Grovelling Apology’

I hope sincerely that today is a watershed moment in Scottish media history, in Scottish footballing history and in Scottish societies history. Unfortunately I very much doubt it, indeed the only water I foresee being shed is a few tears of laughter from our fans, our people, our family. On Tuesday 24th of July, Celtic […]

‘Punish Us?!…You Can’t Cause We Are Not Them Anymore!’

I often think that surely the whole Rangers-gate fiasco cannot possibly get any stranger, any more ridiculous or any more farcical…I’m often wrong! Today, Mr Charles Green told everyone that he and his club, who incidentally he claims to be ‘Rangers’ and who own all of the history honours and all, would not participate in […]

‘For The Intellectually Challenged’

Yesterday was quite a challenging day for me, I had much personal and professional issues which were requiring of my fullest attention. I did however manage to squeeze in a shortened tour of one of my favourite blog pages, ‘Random Thoughts Re Scots Law’ by the esteemed Paul McConville. Whilst surveying Paul’s latest article, ‘The Corporate Entity […]

‘The Ship Called DIGNITY’

Indulge my whimsical notions for a ten or so short minutes, lend me your eyes, your mind and your time…come with me on a journey…nae, a voyage…a voyage of discovery! Still with me?! Ok, if your seated comfortably and if your safely aboard the vessel, we shall set sail for a bygone age, for a journey through time…please […]

'It's Not Me, It's You…It's Complicated!!'

  It has become something of a cliché, but “it’s a funny old game” has rarely been more accurate a statement. Celtic resisted all temptation to deliver a dose of verbal reality to both the Scottish mainstream media and to Sevco in the wake of another pantomime performance, nae a circus clown show by Mr Charles […]

'I'm Not anti-Sevco…I'm Just anti-Cheating!'

I have to admit, despite not being in the least bit surprised, being very, very disappointed by the joint announcement made yesterday by the SFA, the SPL and the SFL in regard of the future of Sevco, the business formerly known to many as the football club Glasgow Rangers. You see I always expected some dodgy, under-hand ‘compromise’ […]

'Pass Regan, Doncaster, Green, Longmuir or Ballantyne Your Dinner Plate…They Do A Mean Carve-Up'

So as most of this nation sat tuned into their televisions; million either watching some ridiculously over the top, attention seeking morons embroiled in a game of one up-manship with all the others who take part in the contest, or as the rest of this tasteless nation were, watching Big Brother! It was at that moment after […]