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Ex-Celtic Throughout Scotland

As our youth embark on their own journey through Europe a lot is made of how Celtic take developing prospects from other domestic sides. Supporters & officials throughout Scotland feel that the likes of Stevie May, Ryan Gauld & Aaron Taylor-Sinclair would be better off staying well clear of Celtic and continue their development within […]

‘Why don’t you go home !!!’. By The Rebel

‘Why don’t you go home !!!’.   So organised they came, swarming and massing in an angry seethe of spewing bile.    Mothers covered younger ears in protection from disgust, children trembled from shock and fear. the booming banging drum protest they must over loathe of hate filled voice. a bawling reaching out in constant repetition.  […]

New Sports Radio. Will it be more of the same ?

Delighted to see that Central Scotland will soon be getting a new independent radio station. The new station called Eklipse Sports Radio is to be available on DAB and online. The station will broadcast 24/7 and will cover the Central belt and launches next month. The big question is : When commenting on football will the new […]

'Bonnie Scotland' – 100% Halal Blog

‘Bonnie Scotland an invisible Banner for the free World’.   A  banner, a simple reading/spelling mistake pointed to a closer look at Scotland. It morphed in the cold light of day, when one removed all the banter and jiggery pokery and one up-man-ship into a blatant attempt to fuel division, racial and religious difference.    It gave a glimpse […]

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ?

Les Gray, who recently retired as chairman of the Scottish Police Federation was on BBC Newsnight Scotland spinning like a spider on Speed. Quite frankly Mr Gray came across as a petty minded man churning out the party line with no real substance to his rent a gob statements. Below we will debunk some of Mr Gray’s […]