Noo, Away And Find Yer Real Rivals

Shaky start to the game but Celtic only had to step up on gear to win. The Current score for this season is Celtic 8 – The Rangers 2 with a points difference of 19pts.

From pre season and throughout the season we’ve been told that our main rivals are The Rangers. Naw they urny ! Our only rivals are ourselves.

So it’s time that The Rangers and the laptop loyal started to concentrate on their real rivals. Teams at roughly the same level like Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone.

For as long as they keep trying to compete with Celtic on and off the pitch it just makes them look stupid.

As for Celtic it’s onwards and upwards. A wee couple of weeks in the sun and a couple of good signings. Then it’s simply time to get the SPFL finished and start preparations for the Champions League. If we pick up the Scottish cup on the way then all the better. 🙂

Hail, Hail and a Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

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Fanancial Doping Is Back On The Menu

It’s a well established fact that oldco Rangers financially doped Scottish football via dodgy tax scams which in the end killed them.

After the events of 2012 you would have thought that financial Fair Play would be uppermost in the minds of football authorities in Scotland ?

Sadly that does not seem to be the case.

The Authorities seem quite happy to sit back and let newco financially dope Scottish football again, this time through running up large debts paying and signing players they otherwise could not afford.

This clearly gives them an unfair advantage over all other SPFL clubs except Celtic. All these other clubs are living within their means. There are also big clubs like Hibs and Dundee Utd in the Championship.

I’m sure that some people may accuse Celtic of financially doping the league, but that would be missing the point of Financial Fair Play. Celtic paid over £4m for Scott Sinclair but it was over £4m of Celtic’s own money. Not supported by debt.

The single biggest question Scottish football fans should be asking the authorities is : What are you going to do to protect Scottish clubs who adhere to the rules ?

This question was raised on Twitter by @Barcabhoy today.

It’s time for some real transparency from the authorities on how Financial Fair Play is monitored and governed.

Scottish football should be run for the benefit of all clubs and not just one. At present newco have not contributed anything positive to the SPFL. It’s time for clubs living within their means to be protected from this rogue club.


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Help petition the SFA – 5 WAY AGREEMENT

I have been following the No To Newco 2013 Campaign for a couple of weeks now. To be honest I think it’s sad that we are no to newco 2013back here again only one year on since they ran their last successful campaign but that is down to the secrecy and the ineptitude of the SFA as the games governing body.

We have all heard about this 5 way agreement but know one seems to know what was agreed. Stewart Regan was the man who bangened on about ‘transparency’ yet he and his association who administer the game don’t seem to have put this into practice in regards to this agreement.

As stakeholders and supporters of the Scottish game surely we must be given some transparency in regards to the 5 way agreement which let sevco into Scottish football at the expense of well funded and well run clubs like Spartans ?

No To Newco 2013 have put up an online petition calling on the SFA to publish this agreement. They are looking for 2,000 signatures but personally I think they need far more.

At the end of the day what have the bodies involved got to hide if everything is open and aboveboard ?

Give us transparency Mr Regan because the longer this document remains unpublished the more people will think you as the games administrators have something to hide.

You can read about and sign the petition here:


Lies, damned Lies and Corruption.

Let me set out my position straight from the start. Any form of league construction will hardly have any impact on Celtic if any. The same could also be said for Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts and Hibernian as over the piece these clubs are mostly with the exception of a couple of seasons always present at the top end of the game. In fact most SPL clubs are insulated to different degrees from league reconstruction. So today’s vote was not really about SPL clubs apart from the fact that they were prepared to give up a decent amount of prize money which would benefit clubs in the SFL.

12-12 18 with all it’s splits etc did have it’s problems but it was at least a start, a launching platform for future refinement of our game. As I have already mentioned it would have also provided some financial stability for a decent amount of SFL sides. So for all it’s faults I personally felt that it was worth trying out.

So the proposition put in front of 12 SPL clubs at Hampden today failed with Ross County and St Mirren voting against it. This was a direct result of the farcical 11-1 voting system. Surely in any business a 8 to 4 voting ratio is more democratic than 11 to 1 ? With 8 – 4 you still end up with a firm majority which allows for good thorough debate. However it’s Scottish Football we are talking about here.

At the time of writing this all I know is that 2 clubs voted against the proposition but one in particular have been hammered not least by Stewart Milne. The Aberdeen chairman has stated that St Mirren could give no viable reason for voting against the proposition. I might be wrong but to me that stinks to high heaven of some form of collusion with Charles Green’s Sevco.

Sevco never wanted league reconstruction as it would have damaged their flawed business plan even further as it would curtail any season ticket price increase that would be required to keep that sinking ship afloat. Was Gilmore offered any incentive or inducement to scupper reconstruction ? I would hope not but it will all come out in the wash.

Like many of you reading this I myself do not find myself surprised that the reconstruction was scuppered. However I never expected it to be scuppered by the SPL. It was clear weeks ago that Sevco friend David Longmuir was muddying the waters with his calls for Colt teams in the SFL. Now many have rightly said that ‘Colt teams’ were part of the suggestions in the McLeish report but I find the timing of Mr Longmuir’s  intervention was at the very strange indeed.

The big question are.

  • Why does it seem that some in the Scottish game are prepared to do anything to protect and advance the cause of one club ?
  • Why does it appear that some club representatives seem eager to damage their own clubs in order for Sevco to prosper ?
  • Is there a ‘lodge’ mentality at the heart of our game ?
  • Will there be an SPL 2 conjured up?
  • Will Sevco be invited
  • Am I just a stupid paranoid Tim that should shut up moaning and ‘move on’ ?

Whatever the answers I smell a rat.

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