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Since when do you need a songbook as a moral compass ?

If some thing is wrong then it is wrong. We humans are gifted with common history, intelligence¬†and a thing called gut feeling to help us form moral¬†judgments. Unless it’s a book of¬†religious hymns we don’t rely on an approved song book to know the difference between what is good and what is morally repugnant. Ally […]

You may say I’m a dreamer…..

So Charles green thinks Scottish football is a mess does he. Lets take a look that shall we. After a summer of discontent, doomsday scenarios and predictions of civil unrest, Armageddon and everything in between from most of the people connected to Scottish football if Charlie’s tribute act to the occasional embarrassment and permanent disgrace […]

‘And The Cry Was Armageddon’

    The season started amidst great howls of disapproval and of disbelief from the shoddy¬†Scottish¬†media, whilst simultaneously the fans of Rangers F.C. very¬†much vociferously professed their lack of sympathy with the ‘plight’ of¬†all and sundrie¬†in both¬†the SPL and¬†SFL Division One. To say that both the media and the fans of Deceased F.C. were disgruntled […]

‘Punish Us?!…You Can’t Cause We Are Not Them Anymore!’

I often think that surely the whole Rangers-gate fiasco cannot possibly get any stranger, any more ridiculous or any more farcical…I’m often wrong! Today, Mr Charles Green told everyone that he and his club, who incidentally he claims to be ‘Rangers’ and who own all of the history honours and all, would not participate in […]

‘For The Intellectually Challenged’

Yesterday was quite a challenging day for me, I had much personal and professional issues which were requiring of¬†my fullest attention. I did however manage to squeeze in a shortened tour of one of my favourite blog pages, ‘Random Thoughts¬†Re Scots Law’ by the esteemed Paul McConville. Whilst surveying Paul’s latest article, ‘The Corporate Entity […]

Up to Five Years Negativity for Sevco Fans

As announced on a recent article by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain the Liquidators are moving into Ibrox next month. According to his source the full process could take up to five years. Now considering Sevco Scotland fans consider themselves to be supporting the same club that died in May that‚Äôs up to five years possible […]