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FAC Report 1 – Siobhan McMahon MSP

I was delighted to be asked to attend a Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC) press conference in a Glasgow hotel this morning. I have taken notes so once I have them sorted I’ll put out another couple of articles. One looking at the human cost of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act and […]

Has everyone forgot about Celtic fan harassment ?

Fans Against Criminalisation ? I know that events move quickly these days but it seems some events are even quicker to be forgotten. Anyone still remember the harsh treatment some of our fellow supporters have had over the past 18 months ? Just the small matter of people having their doors kicked in at 6 […]

bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act

So are we meant to be impressed by those figures ? 5.5 convictions per roughly 230,000 people per month is a bit crap if you want to claim that this ‘bigotry law’ is working. Here is a good question: How many of those convicted could have been convicted in law under the pre ‘Anti Bigotry’ laws ? […]