Ibrox ? Might As Well Be Fir Park

We have a home tie against Ross County tomorrow night, personally I think County are a decent outfit.

Once that is over with, regardless of the result we have an away game on Saturday. The opponents are the football club formerly  known As Rangers. I have no extra worries  about this game as I would have playing away from home at any SPFL game.

I’m 52 now so I can remember that in the run up to playing Rangers at any ground was always exciting and I’d be a bag of nerves for days. All that has gone now.

Since the introduction of ‘The Rangers’ I’ve never sweated over any match in which we have played them.

  1. First time we played them at Hampden I knew we would beat them. Simply we had better players.
  2. The second time we played them in a semi final I did have some worries. Although we still had better players I knew our dressing room had lost faith in the manager. I was concerned that we would not play with the intensity required to beat any one. Even at that they could only win on pens.
  3. The first SPFL match up ever between the teams I was chilled out. I knew we were too good for them and that we had a manager capable of making tactical and personnel changes when needed.
  4. The last game at Hampden, again no worries, in fact I’d go as far to say that we dominated that game even more than the 5 -1 game.

So as you might have guessed by now I don’t actually have any fear of not winning at Ibrox.

The Old Firm died in 2012 along with Rangers FC. The team we will face on Saturday are not anywhere near the threat that RFC posed us. Celtic’s biggest threat comes from within, If we don’t approach any match with professionalism and hard work then we will struggle against other SPFL sides.

Fanancial Doping Is Back On The Menu

It’s a well established fact that oldco Rangers financially doped Scottish football via dodgy tax scams which in the end killed them.

After the events of 2012 you would have thought that financial Fair Play would be uppermost in the minds of football authorities in Scotland ?

Sadly that does not seem to be the case.

The Authorities seem quite happy to sit back and let newco financially dope Scottish football again, this time through running up large debts paying and signing players they otherwise could not afford.

This clearly gives them an unfair advantage over all other SPFL clubs except Celtic. All these other clubs are living within their means. There are also big clubs like Hibs and Dundee Utd in the Championship.

I’m sure that some people may accuse Celtic of financially doping the league, but that would be missing the point of Financial Fair Play. Celtic paid over £4m for Scott Sinclair but it was over £4m of Celtic’s own money. Not supported by debt.

The single biggest question Scottish football fans should be asking the authorities is : What are you going to do to protect Scottish clubs who adhere to the rules ?

This question was raised on Twitter by @Barcabhoy today.

It’s time for some real transparency from the authorities on how Financial Fair Play is monitored and governed.

Scottish football should be run for the benefit of all clubs and not just one. At present newco have not contributed anything positive to the SPFL. It’s time for clubs living within their means to be protected from this rogue club.


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