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I simply can not fcuking believe it.  My life seems full to overflowing with flabergastation (now there IS an Americanism if you ever saw one) of late.  A month or so ago we had the conclusion of the commission held under the “impartial” auspices of the “honourable”, for one must not judge lest he become […]

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ?

Les Gray, who recently retired as chairman of the Scottish Police Federation was on BBC Newsnight Scotland spinning like a spider on Speed. Quite frankly Mr Gray came across as a petty minded man churning out the party line with no real substance to his rent a gob statements. Below we will debunk some of Mr Gray’s […]

Peaceful Fans Attacked and Harassed

Police State Scotland Well done to Alex Salmond you got your way and gave your Police force the powers to carry out state condoned thuggery on peaceful protesters. Today my wife ,myself , hundreds of fans and the general public seen the state’s boot boys in all their fascist glory. How many times have you heard ‘everything was fine […]

Reaction to the GB and Celtic Statements.

Now that we have had statements from both the Green Brigade and Celtic Football club we still await a statement from Strathclyde police on FOCUS operations. I won’t hold my breath. I welcome the Club’s statement regarding the safety and welfare of the supporters and the fact they have made it clear who fans can […]

Ibrox safety licence should be revoked immediately before someone is hurt.

An interesting article has appeared on http://www.philmacgiollabhain.ie tonight regarding advice given by the Police to employees of Duff and Phelps administrators re: They’re personal safety. According to the article  “The police have advised Rangers Administrators Duff & Phelps that they should not have anyone in the Director’s box tomorrow”. Following on from Celtic FC security warning to […]

Welcome to Scotland – We can't guarantee your safety

The big story regarding football from yesterday is that Rangers* beat Celtic at Ibrox. Rangers won because they deserved too however there are plenty of talking points surrounding the referee’s performance. All in all just what you would expect from any Glasgow Derby. There is another story though and it’s more about the current state of […]

Friday's Daily Bigot – A nice one to end the week

The Celtic Network has been inundated this week with requests to name and shame bigots therefore what the Cybertims want the Cybertims get. To tell the truth we could have easily posted around 20 blogs this week relating to these vile lowlifes from the other side of the Clyde but we’ve just picked a few […]

What's Strathclyde Police's Game ?

As you all know by now I’m in favour of sticking to Celtic songs at games but we’ll put that to one side just now. The news that a senior Strathclyde Police officer Eddie Smith approached UEFA delegates and made a complaint about what he classed as illicit chants at the Celtic Rennes game raises a […]