Ibrox ? Might As Well Be Fir Park

We have a home tie against Ross County tomorrow night, personally I think County are a decent outfit.

Once that is over with, regardless of the result we have an away game on Saturday. The opponents are the football club formerly  known As Rangers. I have no extra worries  about this game as I would have playing away from home at any SPFL game.

I’m 52 now so I can remember that in the run up to playing Rangers at any ground was always exciting and I’d be a bag of nerves for days. All that has gone now.

Since the introduction of ‘The Rangers’ I’ve never sweated over any match in which we have played them.

  1. First time we played them at Hampden I knew we would beat them. Simply we had better players.
  2. The second time we played them in a semi final I did have some worries. Although we still had better players I knew our dressing room had lost faith in the manager. I was concerned that we would not play with the intensity required to beat any one. Even at that they could only win on pens.
  3. The first SPFL match up ever between the teams I was chilled out. I knew we were too good for them and that we had a manager capable of making tactical and personnel changes when needed.
  4. The last game at Hampden, again no worries, in fact I’d go as far to say that we dominated that game even more than the 5 -1 game.

So as you might have guessed by now I don’t actually have any fear of not winning at Ibrox.

The Old Firm died in 2012 along with Rangers FC. The team we will face on Saturday are not anywhere near the threat that RFC posed us. Celtic’s biggest threat comes from within, If we don’t approach any match with professionalism and hard work then we will struggle against other SPFL sides.

The Bhoys Of The Hard Hat Brigade

Good Morning Tims, hope yer all in good spirit.

I’ve noticed via social media that there are calls for Celtic fans attending the Hogmanay Glasgow derby match to don hard hats. I understand why, it’s a piss take due to continued speculation that Ibrox is in a dilapidated state.

Alas , I don’t think it’s funny or appropriate. If there are serious structural problems pertaining to supporting roof connectors then this is not funny in the least. People could die if a catastrophic failure occurs during the game. I’m sure that no Celtic fan wants to witness that.

Surely there are plenty of other ways we can ‘rip the piss’ out of the Ibrox support ? Rather than wearing hard hats to the game it is more important that we put pressure on Celtic and the relevant authorities to investigate whether the stadium is actually safe enough to hold 50,000 supporters ?

If Celtic do not get satisfactory and detailed proof to allay safety concerns then they should return all tickets.

After the Ibrox disaster, the Bradford fire and Hillsborough the health, safety and well being of ALL supporters must be paramount. Simply wearing a hard hat to gloat over your opponents doesn’t cut it for me. Especially is supporters are in danger.

Hail, Hail