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This lad is a player, no ‘Biton’ about the bush

Sometimes when a player arrives at the club we expect the unexpected I guess. Till a month ago the only Summer signing that had any real value was Van Dijk but out came Nir Biton. During the 2-1 loss to Aberdeen at home I questioned the midfield and said “Biton should be in a midfield […]

Celtic board to blame for Celtic in Europe this season

In the last 2 years or so Neil Lennon and his players have handed the Celtic board around £60 million with Champions league money and the sale of players like Wanyama for £12.5 Million. The players did it on the park to put  Celtic in a BRILLIANT position last season. We lost Wilson, Wanyama and […]

Why we must never forget what Lenny went through

When we sit and think about Neil Lennon and we judge him as a manger after every game, as we do, its football, part and parcel of what comes with the territory, we can’t ever forget what Neil Lennon came through to get Celtic to where they are today, a good European side Back in […]

Glasgow Celtic 0-1 FC Barcelona

The game started and from then on it was all Barcelona, in the first 10 minutes we had two half chances, a Commons shot and a Samaras chip over the keeper, apart from that, it was backs to the wall for most of the night. Barcelona as I said in the pre-match would I hope […]

Celtic V Barcelona – Pre Match Blog

Well here we go again, Barcelona at home in the Champions League, I was there myself last year just got in for the display starting, main stand lower nearest the Jock Stein end, and I have never witnessed the ground like that or an atmosphere like it, I think anyone there that night will remember […]

2 late cruel goals deny Celtic what looked like a win

  Cruel is not the word here, Celtic were looking like getting a point and I think we were all thinking “If we get a point great, but we deserved 3” Lennon brings on Boerrighter and  pikku and we lose 2 goals, at 0-0 when the subs were made, I thought here we go, 1-0 […]

Fantastic Voyage

Need to stop using these old Bowie song titles but Fantastic Voyage just works so well when we take account of our Champions League campaign. I remember before a ball was kicked in anger feeling that even a place in the Europa League would be great for our young team to get some more experience. […]