The Invisibles

The invisibles was the brain child of it’s founder Dermot Hill. The idea was to provide sustenance and support to Glasgow’s homeless community.

After many years of hard work Dermot has stepped down but the Invisibles go on and still work with the homeless community.

from their website;

Anyone who regularly visits Glasgow’s city centre will not consider the sight of a homeless person to be an uncommon one. Some people may pass a few spare coins their way or perhaps hand them a hot drink, but beyond that many have wondered what they can do to seriously help these people.

After all, it is a large and daunting problem. Therefore, it is our aim to provide a critical link in the chain so that Glaswegians will be able to do just that in a simple and effective manner.

“The Invisibles” is a wholly voluntary organisation, made up of people of all ages with a variety of roles in life. We do not receive salaries nor do we have registered premises.

All of our work is done in our spare time, supported by the generosity of the Glaswegian public and the endeavour of the frontline homeless organisations in the city.

There is a large and often ignored homeless community in Glasgow. Indeed, even if a solitary individual is forced to sleep rough in our city, we should all consider that number to be one too many.

At “The Invisibles”, it is not our aim to provide these people with accommodation or employment – although we wholeheartedly back such ideals – but to equip them with a variety of items to keep them as warm and comfortable as possible whilst they remain on the streets.